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Prepay / Student City

What is  Inspire Prepay?
What is a Student City connection?
Where can I get Inspire Prepay?
How do I setup my prepay connection?


What is Inspire prepay?

Inspire Prepay is an Ethernet and Wireless service we supply in select locations which allows you to pay for your connection in advance for the period you select, with a limit speed feature just like standard home broadband connection.  At the end of this period you do not need to pay until you wish to use it again.  This is great if you are a visitor to the area, a student or do not use the internet regularly.

We currently have two services for prepaid internet:

  • Inspire Prepay
  • Student City

When you join with either of our services, you will be able to log in to either site.  See below for more connection details for both services.

What is a Student City connection?

Inspire Net provides both wired and wireless prepaid connections on campuses, military bases and similar environments.  You can connect to the Student City WiFi network when you are within range of a Student City hotspot or connect to a jackpoint in your hostel.

For further information go to

Where can I connect with Inspire Prepay?

Inspire Prepay (and Student City) can be accessed at locations in various regions of the central North Island such as the Manawatu, Rangitikei, Tararua and Whanganui regions.  Give us a call on 06 357 8559 or toll free on 0800 484 363 to find out where.

How do I setup my prepay connection?

When in range of our Prepay network you will need to connect to the Inspire Prepay or Student City WiFi network SSID using your computers built in WiFi manager.  You may also have access to a high speed wired network connection in selected locations, such as Massey Hostels and @TheHub.

Once connected, open your internet browser, this will take you to the Prepay or Student City page.  If you browser does not immediately take you to the sign in page you can go directly to or

From here you can sign up for a new account or sign in to your existing one.  If you have any trouble connecting or signing up pleased call us on 0800 484 363.