Does Inspire offer web hosting?

We sure do.

We can offer either static HTML hosting or we can offer hosting for more dynamic content that can give you access to PHP and also a MySQL database if required.

We offer two main plans for webhosting:

  • For $25 per month you get 1000 megabytes of storage, and 1 terabyte of monthly data transfer, with PHP and MySQL available if required.
  • For $50 per month you get 10 gigabytes of storage, 2.5 terabytes of monthly data transfer, with PHP, MySQL and also allows the use of a unique IP for your site and an SSL certificate if required; annual fees will apply in this case.

We also provide custom hosting solutions - contact us for more information.

To sign up for this please fill out your details online at Inspire Net Webhosting. If you prefer a written form, complete our domain name form available above.

If you need any further details about any of our hosting plans, including what versions of PHP and MySQL are available then please email our Hosting Team.