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Tuesday's tip from the helpdesk!

Tip #1

Tip number one: It's a good idea to "restart" your PC periodically instead of shutting it down. A restart will do a complete refresh of the PC's processes and resources.

Tip #2

Tuesday tip two: If the internet is acting weird, check the cabling first! Make sure that every cable is securely plugged in and there's no damage to them.

Tip #3

Tip number three: Routers take a few minutes to reconnect after they have been powered down. Why not make yourself a cup of tea while you wait.

Tip #4

Tip number four: To avoid scams, don't click the links in emails. If you trust the source or were expecting the link, then it might be fine, but if it asks for personal information, close the page.

Tip #5

Tip number five: Did you know you can give us a call and increase your data limit for the month, so the kids won't burn through your data limit these holidays!

Tip #6

Tip number six: It's a great time to update your device passwords if you haven't for a while. You could be even more secure by adding 2-factor authentication!

Tip #7

Tip number seven: Wi-Fi coverage in your household can be difficult to get right sometimes. If you have the choice to connect your device (eg, laptop) directly over a cable, take it! it's not only faster most of the time, it's far more reliable too.

Tip #8

Tip number eight Sign up for a domain name and you can have whatever email address you like - you don't have to have other companies names in your address - especially good for any budding business entrepreneurs!

Tip #9

Tip number nine: Did you know that when you move to Inspire Net, you can bring your home phone number with you? We port it across to your new account free of charge so no change of phone number is required. How easy is that!

Tip #10

Tip number ten: Is your router located in a central spot in your house? Are your devices connected to the most suitable wifi option? Our helpdesk can help with this and are just a phone call away.

Tip #11

Tip number eleven: Did you know you can log into your account via our website? Check things like your internet plan, traffic usage and roll date, manage your phone if you have VOIP with us, and view your current balance / last invoice. You can also change your email spam settings, log into webmail and more!  If you’re not sure of your account username or password, give us a call and we can help.

Tip #12

Tip number twelve: Inspire Voice has a built in voicemail system you can access by dialling *55 on your phone and then entering you 4 digit PIN.

Tip #13

"Tip number thirteen: We send email advisories when you are close to or over our 2GB storage limit using our email service. If you are over your limit or are unsure how much storage space you are using, feel free to give our helpdesk a call and we can help you to back-up or clear your mail account"

Tip #14

Tip number fourteen: Can I have more than one email address? We can forward up to five Inspire Net email addresses to your existing email address at no extra cost. You can also choose to have a separate email address with it's own username and password for an additional $3/month.

Tip #15

Tip number fifteen: Can I move my house without breaking my UFB contract? If a fibre service is available to your new location we should be able to get you connected and transfer your contract to your new home. No disconnection fees, no setup or install fees. The process for shared driveways and multi-tenant buildings can be trickier but wont have additional costs involved, however long driveways or houses that are over certain distances from the road can incur charges.  We will work through the process with you and work with you to get connected if possible. Take us with you!

Tip #16

"tip number sixteen: Tuesday's tip from the helpdesk! Did you know there are basic features that come free with our Inspire phone service? Set up a range of forwarding options, like sending the call to your mobile. Set up voicemail. Change the number of rings you have before it goes to voicemail or is forwarded to an alternative number and more!"

Tip #17