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General Settings

Email and Web Browsing

  • Dial-up Number: 086721212
  • Incoming POP3 Mail Server: pop3.inspire.net.nz
  • Incoming IMAP Mail Server: imap.inspire.net.nz
  • Outgoing Mail Server: smtp.inspire.net.nz
  • Username: the first part of your email address, for example, 'joebloggs' if your email address was joebloggs@inspire.net.nz

DNS Servers

This information is generally only relevant for broadband connections.

  • Primary DNS Server:
  • Secondary DNS Server:


Authenticated SMTP is now available from Inspire Net. This is a very useful setting if you use more than one Internet Service Provider; are commonly using your laptop from WIFI hotspots, a mobile datacard, or from your mobile phone.

SMTP Auth access must be enabled for your account on our server before you can use it. Please call Inspire Net on 0800 484 363 if you would like it enabled.

  • Hostname: securemail.inspire.net.nz
  • Port: 25 or 465


If you're a technically-inclined user, and you're interested in trying out our in-development IPv6 connectivity on your connection, please see here: https://ipv6.inspire.net.nz/