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What is broadband?

Broadband is a term used to describe a high speed connection that can be shared over multiple devices in your network. Broadband is generally expected to be faster than 128kbit/s.

How fast is Inspire broadband?

Our MetroLAN service is up to 30MBit/s for Wireless and 950Mbit/s for Fibre.  There are lower speed options available for entry level plans.

Full speed is up to 950Mbit/s for UFB.  There are lower speed options available for entry level plans.

Inspire DSL
Our Inspire DSL service is as fast as your line can go within the limits of the ADSL technology.  This can be affected by many factors including:

  • The distance you are from the nearest cabinet/exchange
  • Internet traffic congestion
  • The quality of your phone line
  • The number of joins in your line
  • Factors within your home such as unfiltered devices and lengthy phone cords

Can I get a static IP address?


We use something called "Fixed IP addresses" for our connections. These IP addresses typically stay the same, unless there's a need to modify them. Rest assured, we'll give you advance notice if we ever need to make changes.

What is a data cap?

A data cap is the amount of information you can send and receive per month on your connection.  Generally, basic use such as email and web browsing does not use much data and a lower data cap plan should be sufficient.  If you use your connection to watch on demand TV, online videos (such as YouTube), play online games or use any other higher data-use applications you will find a higher data cap will be more suitable.

How can I uncap my data?

If you find you have used more than your data cap, you can change to one of our higher level plans.