Maintenance Windows

Network Maintenance

Our servers and network equipment sometimes require regular maintenance to ensure the service we are providing is optimal. As such, Inspire Net and our wholesale providers have scheduled maintenance windows throughout the week that allow us to carry out planned outages on our products and services.

Our Maintenance Windows fall within the following times:

Monday – Saturday: 1AM – 5AM We use this time for planned maintenance that typically affect a limited number of customers. We notify our Tier 2 and VIP customers about these via email. However, Standard Retail customers are not usually notified during these hours. In certain cases, this window may be used for more extensive outages, which we'll announce through our website and social media platforms. Maintenance during this time are usually brief (Average 10 - 20 mins).

Sunday 1AM – 5AM We plan maintenance for this timeframe that typically impact a larger portion of our customer base. We do not notify our customers of outages that are scheduled during this time.

Rural Wireless maintenance, given its physical nature, typically occurs during daytime hours. We inform customers of planned maintenance if it affects a significant number of users or disrupts services extensively.


Webhosting Maintenance

If upgrades are required for shared hosting servers requiring more than a minute or two of downtime, we schedule these in our webhosting maintenance window from 1am to 3am each day. In practice, these upgrades do not tend to take longer than an hour or two and are not normally required more than once a year.