Inspire Free WiFi

What is Inspire Free WIfI?

Inspire Free WIFI (previously known as Central Free WIFI) is a public, free internet access internet service providing a limited amount of data for free per device per month. All WIFI devices can access the Inspire Free WIFI wireless network if they are within coverage of an access point, with the following restrictions:

  • 100 megabytes of data per month per device. This should be enough for tourists and locals wanting to check their emails, or browse local websites using their laptop or mobile phone.
  • Speed is limited to 1 Mbit down, 512 Kbps up, which is approximately 20 times faster than dial-up connections.

There are paid plans available if you prefer the convenience of Inspire Free WIFI and want to keep using it past your 100mb monthly allotment, or if you are an Inspire customer, you can pay $2.50 per month per device you want to register and use your household traffic cap.

Inspire Free WIFI is a filtered internet service; access to some sites will be blocked by our automated filter. Due to the nature of the internet we cannot guarantee that all objectionable content will be blocked or that all content that is blocked will be objectionable. You can contact us at if you have any queries regarding content filtering on Inspire Free WIFI.

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