What is Inspire Voice?

Inspire Net, regularly celebrated for providing the best internet service in New Zealand, brings you Inspire Voice.

Inspire Voice is available as an add-on service on any Inspire Net MetroLAN and Fibre plan. Now there is no need to keep paying your “landline tax”. You can ditch your existing landline provider and keep your existing local number if you choose.

All voice lines include call waiting, caller-ID (available with a caller-ID capable phone), voicemail service, do-not-disturb features and various “who called me” and privacy features.

Inspire Voice is a phone service which, unlike a traditional phone service, requires a working internet connection and mains power to function. We therefore do not guarantee that our service will always be available and advise customers to have a separate voice service (e.g. landline or mobile) and/or a battery backup for emergency calls. Many services, such as monitored alarm systems and medical alerts, will not function over VOIP. If you have any services that rely on a phone line we strongly suggest contacting your services provider to confirm whether their service can be adapted to work over our internet connection.