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Can you give me an example of how having a domain name works?

John Smith has decided to start his own business named “John Smith’s Really Cool Company”. He wants to establish an online brand, promote his business name in all of his advertising and also protect his online identity.

He chooses to register johnsmithsreallycoolcompany.co.nz as he’s checked out Inspire Net’s domain extension list and .co.nz is most suitable for his New Zealand based company.

John also realises that johnsmithsreallycoolcompany.co.nz is a bit of a mouthful and chooses to also register jsrcc.co.nz as a shorter domain name.

He looks up both domain names using Inspire Net’s domain name checker and finds they are both (unsurprisingly) available. He fills in our web-based domain name form and registers both domain names.

At the same time John also establishes an email mailbox with Inspire Net and associates the following email addresses with his mailbox:

  • john@jsrcc.co.nz
  • john@johnsmithsreallycoolcompany.co.nz
  • info@johnsmithsreallycoolcompany.co.nz

Finally, John sets up webhosting with Inspire Net (a cost of $25 p/m) and contacts a web-developer recommended by a friend to set-up his website for him.

John can now use the following in his day to day business:

  • Promote his business using a website address of www.jsrcc.co.nz (or alternatively www.johnsmithsreallycoolcompany.co.nz)
  • Give out a personal email address of john@jsrcc.co.nz

  • Give out a more generic email address of info@jsrcc.co.nz

John’s total charges with Inspire Net are:

  • $90 per annum for his domain names (2 of them)

  • $25 p/m for his webhosting (will work with both of his domain names for no extra charge)

  • $3 p/m for his mailbox (can work with many different email addresses)

Total per year: $426 incl GST (note, does not include any web-development costs)