Roundcube Webmail

Where did my contacts go?

Click the Export entry In the left menu of the Address page in AtMail. Once clicked, it provides a file named book.csv as a download.You can then import this into Roundcube's address book, via Contacts > Import. If you’re having trouble, give us a call.

What about my contacts groups?

If you are using Address Book Groups, using Import Group Assignments on the Roundcube import may work with the csv file exported from AtMail.If you have large groups that are too big to manage manually, give us a call.

Is there anywhere to mark email as Spam? None of my spam is going to the spam folder.

By default, Roundcube has a Junk folder instead of Spam. If you move an email to Junk, It’s the same as if you were to move it to Spam on the previous AtMail system.To change the folder name to Spam, you can go to settings > preferences > special folders > enable “Show real names for special folders”

Can I change the way the date/time is formatted?

Yes, by default the date is set to YYYY-MM-DD and HH:MM (24hr) but there are lots of options to choose from under:Settings > preferences > user interface > "date format” / “time format”

I can’t right click on my message for the drop down selection to delete a message?

Unfortunately this is not a feature of Roundcube. The Delete key works well though.

I can’t see incoming email addresses, to check if they’re spam or not

This should now be configured to display, however if you still can’t see the incoming email addresses, just go to settings > preferences > display messages > enable “Show email with display name” > save.

Can I set up a rule that routes my incoming email to specific folders?

We’re currently using a plugin that allows this, you can find details under settings > filters.