I have received an email from Inspire Net about my mail quota. What do I do?

An automated email is sent to our customers when they reach 80% or 100% email storage.

While you can clear your emails from within your device's email program, the best way to perform this task is to log into your Inspire Net Webmail account (https://webmail.inspire.net.nz/) and clear it from there. This allows you to see all of your emails that are stored in our mail server along with how much storage space you are using.

You will need your email account username and password to gain access.

The best place to start is to delete any emails that are no longer required, or check and remove any spam to bring this down to below the 2GB limit. 

You will receive another email from us once your email storage is back under 100%.

If you need further assitance in reducing your email storage space, please give us a call on 0800 484 363.