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MetroLAN Private

Our Product

Inspire Net can provide private VLANs for high speed, reliable connectivity between locations. This service is designed for linking your private network to another site, such as a branch office or remote location, and does not come with an internet connection.


Commited Information Rate (CIR) Price
2Mbit CIR

$60(ex GST) / end / month
(also available over wireless)

5Mbit CIR $80(ex GST) / end / month
10Mbit CIR $120(ex GST) / end / month
30Mbit CIR $180(ex GST) / end / month
100Mbit CIR $220(ex GST) / end / month


We offer to install MetroLAN Private - in buildings where we have existing fibre, or line of sight for wireless - for $750(ex GST).

Please contact our Helpdesk on 0800 484363 or email helpdesk@inspire.net.nz to apply for an installation or for more information.