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What is SPAM?

Spam is the email equivalent of the junk mail that ends up in your letterbox. Spammers (people who send spam) send vast amounts of spam to every email address they can get their hands on. Unfortunately, there is not an equivalent of a ‘No Circulars’ sign for email, so we have special filters on our mail server which attempt to identify spam emails.

If you see an email with ***SPAM*** at the beginning of the subject line it means that we have identified it as spam.

About SPAM Filtering

Our SPAM filtering is a free service that can cut down the amount of junk mail received by our customers. Emails that are considered SPAM-like are tagged with ***SPAM*** in their subject line so you can easily identify them. They can then be automatically moved to a separate folder so your inbox remains clean.

How does the SPAM filtering work?

Our spam filtering uses a combination of open source and commercial applications. Each email received by our mail server is analysed for spam like qualities. For example we will take a look at an email with the subject of "Mortgage rates at 40 year Low AA".

Spam spam spam spam spam.... I’m sick of it! What do I do to get rid of it?

Inspire Net offers some very efficient spam filtering. Login using the 'Login into your Account' button on the Inspire Net website with your mailbox username and password. Once logged in, click on 'My Email' to view your email accounts. Here you can:

  • Turn off virus checking (not recommended)
  • Change the spam filtering level
  • Delete or tag spam

Please note that when you choose to delete spam, deletion is final and while it will stop anything we identify as spam getting to your inbox, any mail incorrectly identified as spam will also be blocked.

What levels of SPAM filtering are available?

There are four levels of SPAM filtering available:

  1. No Filtering
  2. Lightweight Filtering - filters only the really junky emails
  3. Medium Filtering - should filter most junk mails
  4. High Filtering – almost all spam is filtered

We do our best to keep spam under control however no spam filter is perfect and any level of filtering will let through the occasional spam message, there is also a chance (especially on the higher levels) that legitimate email could get caught as well. We do not recommend using the high filtering level in conjunction with any method of auto-deleting spam.

New mailboxes are set up with medium level spam filtering by default.

How do I automatically delete (or move) ***SPAM*** tagged emails that arrive at my computer?

We have detailed instructions on how to use Outlook Express to delete or move these emails. Go to Client Setup Guides for more information.


How can I report spam?

You can report false negatives and false positives through our Report Spam form.