What is UFB?

Ultra Fast Broadband is the term used to describe the new fibre optic network which is being installed throughout New Zealand. This network will eventually replace most of the existing copper based services and not only be used for internet but also TV, medical monitoring and many other services.

How much does the UFB installation cost?

The installation is currently free for most standard installs. If there are any extra costs involved, they will be discussed with you before you decide to go ahead.

Can I move house without breaking my UFB contract?

If the service is available to your location we should be able to get you connected. The process for shared driveways and multi-tenant buildings has not been defined by the network providers, and due to this, the standard lead times do not apply. We will work with you to get you connected if you fall in to this category.

Can I use my existing modem or router for UFB with Inspire Net?

In some cases your existing equipment may work with our UFB service. However, we have designed the service to work with the equipment we provide so using another device may impact stability and performance.

Can I get my UFB ONT moved to another house?

At this stage the network is not yet available to all locations. If your new house does have the service available when you have a new installation, you will receive a new UFB ONT.

How can I get an accurate gauge of my UFB connection speed?

You can run speed tests against our public speedtest servers at http://speedtest.net.  However, please note that many factors outside of Inspire Net’s control can mean that the results attained from any of the external speedtest servers are slower than the speeds reported by the Inspire Net speedtest server.  Factors influencing this would include latency, distance and congestion.  Running tests against speedtest servers around the world will give you a good gauge of what speeds you can expect to get to, and from, different parts of the world.

Why does only the first Ethernet port on my ONT work?

An ONT (Optical Network Terminal) can support multiple internet connections at fibre speeds.

If you have purchased a single Fibre internet connection through Inspire Net then it will be made available from one of the ports on the ONT.

If you require a 2nd fibre internet connection ( another monthly subscription) then that would be enabled on a second port on the ONT.

Can I keep my current landline number when I move to Inspire Voice?

You can ‘port’ your current local number to Inspire Voice for a one off fee of $40. There can be a small amount of downtime as the number moves between providers but we’ll do our best to minimize any delay.

Getting your router ready for fibre

Which router do you have?
If you're not sure, check the sticker underneath your router for the logo of either brand.

Watch our fibre router setup video below.


Netcomm Router

Illustrative image of Netcomm Router

Download the setup pdf here

Huawei Router

Illustrative image of Huawei Router

Download the setup pdf here.