MetroLAN Wireless

What is MetroLAN Wireless?

Sometimes installing cable is just not a viable option, especially in a lot of rural areas which is where Metrolan Wireless comes in. We have over one hundred access towers around the central North Island which provide internet access over radio signals.

While it’s not quite as quick as fibre it’s far more accessible and still provides a fast and stable broadband internet connection.

How fast is MetroLAN Wireless?

Our wireless network is able to provide up to 5 Mbit/s with very low latency (lag), making the Inspire Net Wireless Service a great alternative for fast Internet access. It beats dial-up hands down for convenience and performance.

What area does the MetroLAN Wireless service cover?

We currently service most of Manawatu and other areas around the central North Island. Please call our Help Desk during office hours for up-to-date coverage information, as we are constantly expanding our wireless network.

How reliable is MetroLAN Wireless?

The technology we use has proved itself to be extremely reliable, and we are confident that you will be happy with its performance. However, no connection (wireless or wired) is immune to unforeseen disruptions caused by weather, accidental damage or other factors outside our control. Please bear this in mind.

What are the settings for MetroLAN Wireless?

We will help you or your systems integrators configure the router with the right settings to log on to this service. After that, you are ready to go.

The email settings are:

  • Incoming POP3 mail server:
  • Incoming IMAP mail server:
  • Outgoing mail server:

The router should assign the DNS server automatically, but if you need to do it manually, use these settings:

  • Primary:
  • Secondary:

Is there an installation fee for Inspire Metrolan Wireless?

Yes – we have a fee for standard installations which is $249. Standard installations are where we use one radio unit to receive the direct signal from our access tower.

It is possible to have a complex installation too though, depending on many factors such as where you live, if there are any hills, trees or buildings in the way of the line of sight to the access tower. Where we would need more than one radio unit to ‘bounce’ the signal from one to the other to get sight of the access tower, there is an additional cost of $150 per radio unit.

Sometimes laying cable is a better option to installing a number of radio units. If that’s the case, Inspire Net will supply the cable for you so all you need to do is dig a trench and lay it. Don’t worry, our installers have likely completed a site survey for you if you need this option, and they will talk you through what needs to be done and leave the cable with you. Once the cable has been trenched, we’ll come back and hook up your internet. There is no additional charge for the cable and the installation charge would be the standard price of $249.

The three different installation fee types are:

  • Standard installation fee - $249
  • Complex installation fee (additional to the standard fee) where a bounce / additional radio units are required - $150 each radio unit
  • Cable run - $249, with free cable supplied

If you have any questions about installation costs, give our Helpdesk a call on 0800 484 363 – we’re happy to answer any questions.

All prices are GST inclusive

Getting your router ready for wireless

Watch our wireless router setup video below.