There are currently no open faults to report.

Status: Fixed

2022-07-27 14:22:04 - 2022-07-28 17:27:05

Some customers are experiencing an outage on our Inspire Voice service. Our network technicians are on the case and should hopefully find a fix for it soon. Apologies for the inconvenience.


Repairs have been carried out and we are seeing customers come back online. If you are still experiencing problems with this service, please feel free to contact our helpdesk and we'll check over your settings. 0800 484 363.

Status: Fixed

2022-04-07 15:37:49 - 2022-04-07 15:40:44

Incoming phone calls from some numbers are currently broken. Engineers are looking at the problem now.

UPDATE 3:40PM: We believe this is now fixed. Please call us on 0800 484 363 as always if you continue to experience problems.

Status: Fixed

2022-03-02 14:01:26 - 2022-03-02 15:05:50

Hi Everyone. One of our Wholesale phone providers is experiencing an outage. As such, Inspire customer phone lines may be unable to receive calls ( making outbound calls seems to be working still). This is also affecting our 0800 number. Our technicians are looking into the matter now. Feel free to contact us via facebook messenger or email ( in the meantime. Apologies for the inconvenience.

Status: Fixed

2022-02-15 09:16:54 - 2022-02-15 16:43:36

UPDATE: 10.12AM Hi all. This looks to be resolved! We're ready again to take your calls. Thanks again for your patience.


Hi everyone. We're having some grief with inbound calling on our 0800 number this morning with inbound calling from our upstream provider and no audio! Bear with us as we try to work together with our provider to get this resolved ASAP.

For anything urgent please feel free to send us an email: or flick us a message via our Facebook page.

Thanks for your patience.

Hi all. This looks to be resolved! We're ready again to take your calls :nerd_face: Thanks again for your patience.

Experiencing problems on the network?
Please give our helpdesk a call on 0800 484 363 to report your fault.

You can also keep up to date with our network status on our Facebook page.