We are expecting an outage on our network.
Check network status for more details.

Estimate: 1 hours

2024-06-18 11:56:58

Hi Everyone,

One of our Wholesale Providers has informed us that they will be performing network maintenance, which will cause a service outage for UFB ( Fibre) connections in the Palmerston North area. The outage will last up to 45 minutes and will occur between:

11 PM on June 19th and 6 AM on June 20th.

Services should come back online by themselves once the work is completed. If not, try giving our router a quick reboot. If all else fails, our helpdesk will be available from 8am if you need a hand. 0800 484 363.

*** UPDATE *** The maintenance work has been completed. If you are still experiencing an outage, make sure to turn your router off and back on. Most of the time this will bring the service back online. If not, please feel free to give us a call. 0800 484 363.

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