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Commission 111 Code

The purpose of the Commission 111 Contact Code is to ensure that vulnerable consumers, or persons on their behalf, have reasonable access to an appropriate means of contacting the 111 emergency service in the event of a power failure.

The code supports consumers who can no longer call 111 in a power cut because they have moved to new home phone technologies like fibre and fixed wireless. These technologies need a power supply in the home to work, meaning they will not work in a power cut, without an independent power source.

Under the Code, telecommunications service providers must tell new customers, and remind existing customers at least once a year, that their home phone may not work in a power cut. Providers must also tell their customers how they can protect themselves and where to go for further support.

Home phone customers who don’t have an alternative way to contact 111 in a power cut can apply to their provider if they are at particular risk of needing to call emergency services for health, security or disability reasons. If they qualify, their provider will work with them to determine the right product for their particular needs, at no cost to the consumer.

The Code comes into effect in February 2021, though providers have until August 2021 to make the process for extra support available to vulnerable consumers.

What this means for Inspire Net Customers

When there is a power failure, if you are a VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) customer this means your phone will not operate to call 111, if needed, as it works digitally via your internet connection, which also won’t be working. Items like cordless phones and medical alarms will also likely not work unless you have an alternative connection which doesn’t rely on power to operate.

Most people will have a cellphone that they can call 111 if needed, however in some instances this service may not be available due to location.

If you are an Inspire Net VOIP customer who is vulnerable (a person who is at particular risk of requiring 111, with for example a medical condition) and doesn’t have an alternative means of contacting 111 in the case of a power failure please call or email us and we can work with you to come up with a suitable solution at no cost to you. Note there is a form to complete which we can work through with you, if needed, and some proof of vulnerability is required. This form is also available on our website.

For further information this link takes you to the complete code: https://comcom.govt.nz/__data/assets/pdf_file/0020/228314/Commission-111-Contact-Code-17-November-2020.pdf

How to apply

You can download the pdf version of the application form here. Please print this form, fill it out and return it to Inspire Net. If you have any trouble filling out the form, feel free to give us a call on 0800 484 363.

More information

What you need to know.
Can you call 111 in a power cut? If the power goes out and there is an emergency, will you or your loved ones be able to contact 111? Most modern home phones require power to work. It’s important that you know what technology your home phone uses and that you also check your family and friends understand this and are prepared.

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