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Our Story

Here at Inspire Net we focus everything around “The Inspire Way”.

An Inspire person is a person that helps those around them, whether it’s another staff member, customer or a member of the public. We should be the kind of people that open a door for a complete stranger, check if someone needs help when it looks like they might need a hand or step up to help a colleague. We spend a lot of time out and about in our community and our focus has always been making sure we continue to be the friendly team that helps people and provides the great service that we are so proud of.

The Inspire team is made up of individuals who have been hand-picked for their knowledge and excellent customer service skills, as well as a sense of humour. The “Inspire Way” seeks to provide the best customer experience possible. Helpdesk calls are not screened or timed, and it’s more about getting your request or problem solved, and being treated like a customer should be.

Inspire Net consistently sets the standards for Internet Service Provider support. Working between the hours of Mon-Fri 8 AM - 8 PM, and Weekends/Holidays 9 AM - 6 PM (Closed Christmas), not only will we help pick the right broadband option for you, but we will also help you set up the connection and email services.

For over 20 years we have delivered reliable, fast broadband to the Manawatu and surrounding areas and have built a reputation for doing whatever it takes to provide customers with the best broadband and service in the region.

So call the team today and ask about the choice of affordable data plans and range of connection options so that you can have local, reliable broadband delivered by a company committed to our community.

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