As a way of saying thanks to everyone who has continued to support our small business over the years, we’re helping our local community in and around InspireLand.

Inspire Net is proud to be, for more than a decade, the principal and naming sponsor of the Inspire Net SquashGym, Linton Street, Palmerston North. The Club is one of New Zealand’s premier sporting clubs and hosts many New Zealand National Squash events as well as having held a number of World Championship events. The building boasts eight glass back Squash Courts, with three courts having ‘movable walls’ which allow members to play doubles on full sized courts; there’s a public gym, the Speights Champions Lounge Bar, Club-owned Pro-shop, excellent changing room facilities and free parking for members and guests. No wonder then that it’s won New Zealand's Squash Club of the Year three times! Visit www.squashgym.co.nz for more information.

Web Free sponsorship

We’re proud to help out our local not-for-profit and community organisations, particularly those in the Central North Island area, with sponsored free webhosting.  Register with or move your domain name to Inspire Net, complete the Web Free sponsorship agreement and send it to sponsorship@inspire.net.nz.  We’ll get in touch to confirm if your sponsorship has been accepted.

Please note that we do not sponsor annual domain name fees.