Inspire Wireless Broadband

Sometimes installing fibre cable is just not a viable option, and this is especially true in a lot of rural areas. This is where Inspire Net Wireless broadband can help you get connected to the internet.

We have many wireless access towers around the central North Island which provide internet access over radio signals. Our wireless network is able to provide up to 5 Mbit/s with very low latency (lag), making the Inspire Net Wireless broadband service a great alternative for fast internet access. It beats dial-up hands down for convenience and performance, and makes satellite pricing and speed look like something from the Steam Age.

We currently service most of Manawatu and other areas around the central North Island. To find out if your address has coverage over our network, type your address in the box below and click on ‘Go’.

(Please include your town, city, or region.)

If it looks like your house is painted blue on the map, you are likely to have coverage.  Click on ‘Apply’ now and complete our sign up form to register your interest in a Wireless connection and we will be touch to confirm if a connection is possible.

Please note, we are constantly expanding our wireless network and may have wireless towers being built in your area. If you are unsure if we cover your location, call us on 0800 484 363 or contact us to confirm.